Seth + Bailey | Heritage Barn, Stow Ohio Wedding

Hello All!

Here is a wedding that I am so excited to share. And its a wedding I didn't know I was shooting until 4 days before their wedding! A family emergency came up for their scheduled photographer who was no longer able to make it... and since I shot Seth's cousins wedding last year, I was lucky enough to be asked to fill in! This was my 4th last minute wedding in the 3 years I've been doing this job... and I am always so in love with the moments I get to document despite it being unplanned. I am so lucky that this is my job. So blessed. So honored. 

I hope you enjoy looking through these moments a fraction as much as I enjoyed capturing them. The day started with beautiful weather, in the middle of the ceremony Mother Nature decided it was going to storm, and then the night ended with beer-bonging - my kind of wedding!


Our advice to the newly-engaged

Hey, hi, hello there-

If you are reading this you are probably in some stage of your engagement. So- congratulations! You are entering into such an exciting part in your lives that should be FUN. You are also entering into a stage of life that can be insanely stressful mostly due to other people's opinions, insane costs, and too many traditions that make the whole planning process confusing for most people. 

We've been wanting to shed light on some myths surrounding the industry, and hopefully help you plan a wedding that feels like 'you' and won't cause you to go into debt. 


First off, this process should be FUN. It may sound stupid or futile or whatever, but this is an EXCITING thing and you deserve to plan a wedding that feels like you and your future spouse.


So, advice #1 is:

Take some TIME.

Don't get engaged and then jump into signing contracts and trying on $4,000 dresses and getting fitted for new suits. Take a beat, snuggle up, drink a bottle of wine together and discuss bare bones what is important to you. Some answers to this might be:

- "I really want a huge party where we can hang out with all of our friends and have an awesome time"

- "I just want to be focused on you, me, our vows, and starting our life together"

- "I want this to be a celebration of our unity under God"

- "I just want the simplest celebration possible - no stress"

- "I want a huge wedding but I don't want to have to plan a whole lot of it - no stress"

8Y2A8824 copy.jpg

Whatever your response is, WRITE IT DOWN. Put it on the fridge, come back to it throughout the planning process. If things start to get crazy and the budget is getting out of control, it is a great reminder to have handy. You don't need ALL the things, but the things you invest in should represent the core of who you are and what you want this celebration to be. For example, if your priority is having a bomb party with your friends, invest in a DJ and alcohol but maybe put less of a priority on your dress and the most fancy catering. OR, if your priority is each other and your vows, maybe you can scale the wedding back in numbers. The less people = less money. 


Advice #2:

Don't be afraid to have the awkward conversation with your parents about money. 

Hey, we are in 2018, the rules about who pays for the wedding are out the door! You can't assume anything, and I can't tell you how many weddings we've worked where there were miscommunications about money. I (Rachel) was so nervous about asking for money for our wedding that Dec and I planned the wedding with what we had in savings. 4 months before our wedding (after 16 months of being engaged) my dad told me that he always planned on contributing but since I never asked he never knew how to bring it up. You never freaking know people!! It's a weird conversation but its important to have early on, but AFTER you've already completed Advice #1 ;) If you truly are on your own, know that you are not alone in that, and there are so many ways to cut costs these days it is unreal. It just takes a little getting creative :) 


Advice #3:

Choose your bridal party wisely. 


Whether you go big or small, your bridal party should be a group of people who you trust, who are supportive, who are excited for you, and who encourage you to stay focused on Advice #1. It is ridiculous how many weddings we have been a part of where the bridal party is seemingly only there for the free alcohol and because they "have to". Please let them know it is more than that. I was just at a wedding where the bride spent an hour during her reception throwing up because nobody was keeping her accountable to take care of herself by encouraging her to drink water before the ceremony. These people should know how to calm you down, comfort you, and love you unconditionally. They should not complain about the process or make you feel like a nuisance. This is your day, make sure your bridal party members are on your team, not their own. Also, make sure they can handle their booze, particularly before the ceremony and bridal party pictures. We can't edit drunk eyes out of your images... lol. 

laceandwaves_burch_85 copy.jpg

Advice #4:

Invest in your photographer. 


Now, this may seem a little obvious coming from a photographer, but hear me out. I am not saying to invest in us specifically. But it BREAKS MY HEART when I hear horror stories of couples who decide to go with a family friend who not only doesn't know what they are doing, but doesn't know how to properly back up their photos and everything gets lost. Or maybe they just don't show up (IT HAS HAPPEND). Photography is more than pressing a button, I promise. And if your uncle takes really good photos of animals, that does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that he will be able to document your wedding day. Weddings are a specific skill set. Making humans feel comfortable in front of a camera is a specific skill set. It takes a passionate person to do your day justice. If you are spending $15,000 on your wedding and you invest $800 in a wedding photographer, it is more than likely that your wedding will look like an $800 wedding. It may seem like photography is an easy think to skimp on, but it is something you will most likely regret when you get your photos back. The food gets eaten, the dress gets put away for 50 years, the suits get returned, the flowers die, but your photos stay with you. They will stay with your children and your grandchildren, they will be heirlooms, so hire someone who will do your day justice. 


Part B of Advice #4:

Choose the photographer you vibe with the best. 

Don't just choose someone because you kind of know them or because your friend hired them (or because they gave you the cheapest quote). Hire the person whose style and personality you love the most. You are with your photographer all day. They are likely trying to keep everything on schedule and they spend alone time with you and your beau while you are making out in front of their camera. This is an intimate thing, and the last thing you want is to look at your photos and not love them as much because you didn't care for the person that took them. MEET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER BEFORE YOU BOOK THEM. It's important. 


Advice #5:

Spring for the wedding film. 

8Y2A9510 copy.jpg

Now, this advice is honestly just from personal experience. We were on the fence about a wedding video like a lot of couples. Then, a month before our wedding we kind of panicked and tried to look around but we couldn't find a style that we really liked. So we just didn't have one. And honestly, we would pay so much money if we could change that. Our siblings gave beautiful speeches that we would kill to have on video. My dance with my Dad was a priceless memory that I know would be so meaningful to have. There is something different about videography. It captures the whole essence of the day in a way photography can't. It captures real reactions and unfiltered moments and emotions. Wedding films are so special and they are well worth the investment. It is truly a regret we will always have, which is why we added video as a part of our business. We want to be able to give people the memories that we didn't give ourselves. 


Advice #6:

Choose the wedding dress that you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in. 


It is heartbreaking to me when the some of the only feedback I get from a wedding is negativity surrounding the way a bride looked in her dress. Now, please let it be on the record that every bride looks stunning in their wedding dress. I am a very body-positive person and I spent the majority of my youth fighting with negative eating habits and disorders. But, if you are insecure about your arms - don't wear a sleeveless dress. If you have an insecurity around your stomach - get something with an empire waist. I HATE dealing with insecurities because they are 10/10 always in your head and is never something I notice as an 'imperfection'. But, I have learned so much from this industry and I think the safest bet is to invest in a dress that doesn't make you feel self-conscious. There are so many amazing styles of gowns, so do yourself a favor and try on as many as you can so you know what looks the best on your body, and what you are most comfortable in. And don't be swayed on other people's feedback... you are the one that wears the damn thing and has the photos on your walls forever. You want to feel like the sexiest woman alive (because you are). 


Advice #7:

Don't be afraid to ask for help. 


It is way more than likely that your friends and family members want to help you with your special day. Being able to lean on your people not only relieves stress, but it creates an awesome supportive atmosphere during the day. For us, we asked one of our friends to DJ for us, we asked other friends to perform music during the ceremony. Declan's aunt Sharon made these wonderful cones with dried flower petals in them for guests to throw at us as we walked down the aisle. My sister did so much beautiful calligraphy for our centerpieces and decorations. It made our wedding much more special to have people who loved us shower us with their love and support through their actions. Don't be afraid to ask for help, it can help save money too! 

 photo by Jeri Stein

photo by Jeri Stein

Alright Folks-

Thats all for us right now. We are hoping and praying that this process goes smoothly for you. There is something about weddings that makes peoples' crazy come out but if you keep your eyes on your vision and your love for one another it will make things easier. We pinky swear. And, if you are looking for a team to document your day, buy you alcohol, and tell you everything is going to be okay every step of the way... send us a message. We'd love to meet ya! 



Seth + Kristen | Bluffton, SC Engagement Session

It's not every day that an Ohioan gets to do an engagement session in South Carolina- but when your childhood best friend moves down there and gets engaged... you grab your mom and make the 13 hour drive! Kristen has been one of my closest friends for 20 years. And seeing as I'm only 24 thats like a super long time. Her fiancé, Seth, is truly her perfect match and it was so special to watch them be in love together for a week. PLUS - Their dog Cal is the sweetest baby ever and she makes quite the impact on the engagement shoot, so scroll scroll scroll for some major doggy cuteness and serious human hotness. 

Kimmie + Tyler | Ernst Farms Wedding

Welcome, blog-readers, to one of my favorite weddings of all time. And, this one happens to come with one heck of a story. 

So, approximately three days before Kimmie and Tyler's wedding, I was in Portland waiting for my mom's flight to get in. We had a great week of activities planned and I was so excited to have some mommy and me time. That same day I get a message from a Bend photo acquaintance looking for a photographer for a friend whose photographer cancelled on her last minute. The wedding would be in St. Paul, Oregon, on her family's peach farm. Knowing the intense amount of stress the bride must have been under, I decided to give her a call and see what the deal was. Welp, long story short - Kimmie and I are soul sisters. It was like the heavens aligned and we were meant for each other. She welcomed me and my mom into their big family and being a part of this wedding will always be a highlight for me. And, the fact that my mom got to see me work was so special, and she made sure I always had fresh sunscreen on. Sherry is a Godsend, what can I say? 

This wedding was at Kimmie's parent's farmhouse in St. Paul, Oregon. They own a peach and hazelnut farm and they worked their butts off to turn this working farm into a beautiful wedding venue. Kimmie is honestly the sweetest woman alive. She is the kind of person that everybody adores. Her heart is as sweet as Ernst peaches, that is for sure. And Tyler is her perfect match. He got ready down the road at his start-up small batch brewery. You'll see all the hops vines in the groomsmen pictures, as well in all the bouquets, flower crowns, and boutonnieres. Their first look made me cry and when you get to that part you will understand why. When Tyler saw her coming through the apple trees (yes there are apples too), he just melts into the sweetest puddle ever. 

And don't get me started on their flowers! Kimmie is a florist and and made everything herself. Portland brides - HIRE HER. She's a genius. You can see her work here.  Everything about this wedding was sentimental. The huge tables they use for the bridal party at the reception were made BY HAND by Tyler from an old tree that fell on the farm. Kimmie was brought to the ceremony in an old car which was significant to Tyler. She got ready in her childhood home and was gifted an heirloom ring by her mother for her special day. Everyone worked for months and months to make the farm into Kimmie's dream wedding. The whole town of St. Paul was invited and it was a huge party with tacos, beer, and bomb ass cupcakes and can you really even ask for anything more?!


Kimmie and Tyler, I wish I had better words to describe how much this wedding meant to me. All I can say is that we were meant to be, without a doubt.. Love you both and I wish you endless blissful years of marriage (and many babies!). 


Josh + Paige | Columbia River Gorge Elopement

One of my highlights from 2017 was this elopement in the Columbia River Gorge at the end of August.

Paige and Josh traveled all the way from West Virginia to get married in this beautiful area. Lucky for them this was right before the devastating wildfire that consumed a lot of the Columbia River Gorge in September! Everything about this day was perfect. The weather, the location, the vows, the sunset (that liiiiight). The day started and ended the best way possible- with a shot of Crown. Who needs wedding cake when you've got liquor, amiright? 

Paige is a wonderful human with the most beautiful tattoos. Seriously, I should make it a practice to just get whatever tattoos I want done at the parlors she goes to. Her dress was gorgeous, and perfect for this woodland elopement. Josh is a big sweetheart who is head over heels in love with his bride. The intimacy of an elopement was perfect for them to be totally focused on what was really important-- spending their lives with one another. They did have one guest- Paige's mom came all the way from Japan! In the end it was the perfect day for this perfect couple, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to have documented this day for them. 

Scroll down to make your eyeballs happy and to inspire you to plan your own elopement! (Take us with you, please!)


Sami + Blake | Heritage Barn, Stow Ohio Wedding

Sometimes you meet your brides in the weirdest circumstances- for me and Sami, we met at our wedding venue. It was a week before mine and Declan's wedding and we were doing a final run-through with our parents. Sami was there with her parents seeing the venue for the first time. Bride-to-bride we just started talking about our table arrangements and where the ceremony would be outside and all that fun stuff- and then I shamelessly dropped the fact that I was a wedding photographer and I gave her my card. I know- classy.

A few months later she emails me and next thing I know I'm back in Ohio shooting at my wedding venue and having a wonderful time. Sami is the kind of person that everyone adores. She's the kind of girl that nobody has anything bad to say about. She is a fierce mother, sister, and friend- and I am so lucky I got to get to know her. And her husband Blake is such an awesome guy. He is solid- a great person to build a foundation of a family with. He is the perfect step-dad for Zoie and my heart melted when they danced together during the reception. Blake, Sam, and Zoie are a perfect little family and this wedding was a wonderful celebration of that. 

Sami and Blake- you two are such rockstars. I am beyond blessed to have been able to capture this day for you. 

All my love. 


Dustin + Sarah | Chehalem Cultural Center Wedding

These two sweethearts... where do I begin?

Not only are Dusty and Sarah super hot, they have also become great friends of ours. Their wedding was all about them dedicating their lives to one another in front of their family and friends, and it was such a joy to witness their union under God. 

The ceremony and reception took place at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon. The space is super clean, simple, and so beautiful, which was perfect for this timeless couple. They are the epitome of class. We did their first look at Ernst Farms in St. Paul, which is one of my favorite places ever after I shot a wedding there a few months ago (blog coming soon!). I hope you enjoy this classic wedding with two of the most beautiful humans ever.